At Your Desk, in the Coffee Shop…Where Should You Write?

Hello friends. I am a big proponent of switching things up—

Hold up. Wait a minute. You’ve definitely said you don’t like change in the past. You said it was scary.

Well, all right. Okay. You got me. I like switching things up in some instances. And one of them, thank you very much, is when it comes to having different places to study and/or write. (So just slow your roll there for a second.)


In the past four school years, and in accordance with my divine wisdom of—

Okay, sorry. I cannot just stand by silently while you say stupid sh*t like that. Let’s be real, bruh.

Ahem. Okay. I’ll just say, in the last four years, I have studied in a variety of places — from the UgLi to the Dude to Shapiro; from Starbucks to Starbucks…to Starbucks? (yes, that’s right); from Potbelly to Sweetwaters to Espresso Royale; I’ve been around, kid. Sometimes you need a change of scenery to get the juices flowing.

My project for the Capstone course has very much been about how writing is made. Over the last two months I’ve compiled a novella weighing a little more than 20,000 words—

Oooh, big shot. Brag some more.

That is not bragging, buddy. It’s simply stating a fact. Haven’t you seen that Word Document? It’s Donald-Trump-YUGE!

Self-explanatory. (Not an endorsement of Donald Trump; we’ll leave those to Sarah Palin and Chris Christie.)

Anyway, as I was saying: the guidelines I set up for writing the novella dictated that I go about the writing process in various ways. Sometimes I had to stand while writing, other times lay down. At one point, I holed up in the laundry room, locking myself away until a word goal for the day/night was met. And the latter part of the novella I’ve been writing on yellow legal pads, a la Maya Angelou style. (The whole thing is about emulating famous writers).

But that’s not what the story’s about.

Quite right. It’s about King Krush and his battle with not one, but two (!) villains who threaten him and his kingdom. And I’ve written it in a variety of locales, such as the Starbucks cafe in Barnes & Noble, where I find myself currently penning this.

You’re actually typing. I see you, liar.

Christ. They knew what I meant. Let me just answer the damn question before this guy drives us all mad. Where should you write? I’d advise trying a cornucopia of places—

Okay, wow. You didn’t pull out the app for that one or anything…

*Sigh* Okay. Just remember to switch it up, folks. If you have a favorite spot but it’s becoming a little rusty, don’t be afraid to change it up. You never know where you’ll find inspiration.

Now, please excuse me as I strangle this little punk..

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