Be like Jim Harbaugh, kinda

I’ve been looking at Jim Harbaugh GIFs for half an hour because I can’t think of what advice I should give you. Then I stumbled upon some memes, which led to some notable Harbaugh quotes. And in my procrastination, I found something that actually applies here — attack this course with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Before we get to it, here’s a good one I found:


Seriously, though. This is the first class I’ve taken at Michigan where I’ve been genuinely excited to go to class everyday.

There are going to be moments when you want to pull your hair out trying to find the right way to craft your projects. It’s frustrating. But push through it, embrace that. Don’t take the easy way out, and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

After all, for me, leaving the comfort zone led to my best work.

I came into this class thinking I’d incorporate things I’ve learned as a sportswriter at The Michigan Daily into every project. And for a little while, I tried to do just that. But I was pushing the envelope, because I was scared of doing something different.

Finally, though, T (my Gateway professor, and if you have her stop reading because then I promise everything will be ok) convinced me to write a personal story about watching my brother going through chemotherapy (and he’s ok now, so don’t get sad reading this). I was originally planning on writing a mock sports column instead of the personal story. That would have been really easy, but the personal story turned out to be a really hard process to put together. Yet when I went to see T today, it took me awhile to even remember a sports column was my original idea. So I think that’s proof that choosing the harder route helped me grow much more as a person and as a writer. So again, push the limits of your comfort zone.

And finally, just a few points:

  1. Sign up for a class workshop. There’s nothing that will help you improve your writing more.
  2. When you have to edit your classmates’ work, put effort into it. That’s only fair to them, and you’ll find things in their work you never thought of that you could incorporate in your own writing.
  3. Use the Most Dangerous Writing App.
  4. The old cliche: have fun.

Oh, and here’s another:


4 thoughts to “Be like Jim Harbaugh, kinda”

  1. Hello Kevin!
    Thank you for the newbie advice. I am currently enrolled in the Writing Minor Intro course (with T!) and I found your advice pretty relatable! I also have an interest in sports (my Why I Write is about Bo Schembechler lol) and I’m glad you brought up stepping out of your comfort zone. I will try my best to do that this semester. Good luck with the rest of your time in the minor!


  2. Hi Kevin!
    Thank you for your advice! I appreciate your honesty about crafting projects. I am definitely nervous about that, since I aspire to be completely original and daring with my ideas, except when writer’s block comes knocking at my door! However, I am thankful for your encouragement to just push through. I will remember this every time I am ready to pull my hair out! 😉

  3. Hi Kevin !!
    Thank you for your advice! I really found your advice post interesting and valuable. When I have an idea of what I want to write, I usually do not want to change my topic. However, I think you might be right I have to learn to push the limit of my comfort zone so I’ll try to do just that with my next paper.
    Thank you!!

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