BTB Queso is better than Panch’s Queso (& other advice for the New Kids on the Block)

So this was me last year right before I applied to minor in writing. It was daunting because I hadn’t really written in a couple years and I felt a little rusty.

MIW Tweet

Kristen Wiig just got me in that moment ya know? But now I’m in the program just like you and I am in love with it.

So my advice? Just really dedicate yourself to everything you do in the gateway course. It’s a wonderful (and might be the only) time to really find your voice. Everyone might say this but you get what you put into it. It’s a lot of work but if writing is your thing (which, DEAR LORD I HOPE IT IS OR YOU’RE IN THE WRONG CLASS) it won’t feel like work at all.


Also, make friends with the people in your class. Ask them for help! Let them read your stuff. This is NOT the class to be shy in. LITERALLY slide into their emails and be like “HELP” (then swap #s because this is not 2002, unless you like emailing..then go for it). If they’re good people they’ll deal with your neediness. And *BONUS* who doesn’t like making new friends??? This is the one time I’m asking you not to take DJ Khaled’s advice okay? Take mine.


Okay but now take his advice. As you’re creating your projects, don’t forget why you’re doing them. T asked us many times “what is at stake for this project”, don’t lose sight of what’s at stake for you!

giphy┬áBut that’s really all I have advice wise. Congrats on getting into the program and have fun in the class! It definitely went by WAY too fast.

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  1. Hey Liv!

    I absolutely loved your advice and your writing in general. I am always reading the articles you’ve written that you share on your facebook and they are always amazing. I especially thought your advice about finding your voice was important, and it definitely seems to be something that you’ve followed yourself.

    Thanks for this!

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