Close your eyes, and leap!

If I could give one piece of advice to future gateway students, it would be to not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. This course is not your typical writing course— you will not be given an assignment where you are told exactly what to do with specific detailed guidelines.

Instead, you will be given the chance to go in whatever direction that you desire. Some may view this as a beautiful task, while others may view it as a disastrous task. Prior to taking this course, I used to be that someone who dreaded this kind of freedom. I preferred more structured assignments and disliked those where I had the ability to add more individuality. But both my classmates and the instructor of this course encouraged me to approach writing very differently.

They pushed me to challenge myself. They pushed me to take on tasks that I wasn’t confident I could necessarily complete. And they gave me the confidence that I was lacking. Without this wonderful community of support, I would have never had the courage to follow through with my projects or to take risks in my writing. So I encourage you to embrace the freedom of this course. Your college experience will be full of classes that contain boring, scripted assignments where there is little room for creativity. There will be less times that allow you the opportunity to be in control. This gateway course is one of those times, so don’t hesitate! As my favorite musical states in the song Defying Gravity, “Close [your] eyes, and leap.” Good luck!!



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