Finishing Up My Project III

For my project III I decided to create a podcast of the interviews that I held with the prompt of asking others about their experience in the creation of essay writing, music, and social media. I talked to experts in these fields to see if there was a difference in the motives of creating these media platforms.

After preparing and completing the interviews, I researched numerous podcasts on NPR, including the “TED Radio Hour” and the “NPR politics podcast”as well as others, which allowed me to see how they use music as an introduction and transitions between speakers among numerous other tactics in podcasts. These really helped me in putting together the interviews that I did into one formal podcast.

Currently, I am in the very final stages of my podcast as I am just putting some last technical pieces together. These include fading the introductory music in and out, as well as the overall presentation of the site on wix.

I am looking forward to sharing this with the class and seeing if other people relate to the emotion in completing their essays, music, and social media, as the people I interviewed confirmed.

2 thoughts to “Finishing Up My Project III”

  1. Hi Louis,

    Sounds like you have a clear idea of where this project is going which is great. Your podcast sounds very interesting because it seems to be about the very process of writing itself and how emotion relates to it. I’m excited to hear about this unexplored (at least I haven’t really come across this kind of piece) cross-section. I am wondering: where did you find these “experts” that you mention? Your e-portfolio looked pretty good from what I saw yesterday (especially now that you’ve gotten rid of the hydroxyls and amides from the background haha).
    Good luck, and I am excited to see the final product.


  2. Thanks for the great comment Che! One of the correspondents is my roommate, Evan, and the other two are friends of mine that I know are doing some very interesting work around campus. All of us had never really talked about the work we were doing so this was really a great experience for them to showcase their work.

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