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Did you know that ISS (instructional support services) is funded by LSA? Did you know that only LSA students can use their equipment? Did you know that 1. I don’t own a camera or tripod and 2. I’m not in LSA?

Getting the camera was a process. It involved a bit of subterfuge. By subterfuge, I mean that I begged my friend to pretend to have a school project so that I could get the equipment for my own project. It worked, but plans were delayed for a while.

So I filmed the video and kind of roughly edited it. By roughly I mean that it’s about 10 minutes long (I’m aiming for less than 5).

The plan:

  1. Figure out how to make the video brighter. I filmed it in a poorly lit room at midnight, so it’s not the best quality.
  2. Make an intro explaining my terrible drawing skills.
  3. Do the voiceover.
  4. Edit so that the video plays in time with the voiceover.
  5. Upload to Vimeo (because YouTube is so passé).

The only thing that may not happen is Vimeo. I have the weird feeling that I may need to shell out money for a Vimeo membership. Other than that, I stand by everything.

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  1. Hi Regina. I am sorry to hear about the struggles you encountered trying to obtain a camera. That does not sound pleasant. But hey, at least you got it! As far was the tech stuff goes, I have a suggestion. Have you heard of Final Cut Pro? It is a software that you can get a 30-day free trial of on your laptop and it works wonders. Coming from someone who is considers herself to be extremely technologically challenged, I think it is pretty user friendly. Also, if you have trouble working it OR if you cannot get the software on your laptop for whatever reason, if you go up to the Dude on North Campus (specifically the Groundworks Lab), then you can get help from the staff there. All of their computers are equipped with it and they are extremely helpful and friendly! Just some food for thought. Let me know if you have questions, need help, or just want someone to look over what you have.

    1. Hey Danielle!
      Thanks for the advice. I actually live in the dorms, so I have access to really big and nice Mac computers if I need them. My laptop’s a PC, but I should be fine on the editing side of things because I think that all university Mac’s have Final Cut Pro and iMovie? Maybe? Figuring out how to use the editing software is its own beast, though.

      I’ll see u in class!

  2. hey Regina! First of all, I want to commend you on getting the camera! It sounds like you’re at a good place for your project and like you are set. It’s always good to have too much footage than too little, so that’s also a good sign. I am very excited to see your final project’s outcome and wish you luck in your final stages 🙂

  3. The person you talked to at ISS didn’t understand the policy and/or asked you the wrong question like “Are you in LSA?” Instead of “Is this for an LSA class?” When they ask you what it’s for say Writing 220. If they ask if it’s in LSA. Say “Hell yes!” As long as it’s for an LSA course you can use any of the equipment

    I used to run equipment checkout at ISS so I know what I’m talking about.

    1. They didn’t have my classes in the system. When they looked me up, all they saw was that I was a business student. I explained that it was for the Minor in Writing and Writing 220, but they didn’t have proof that I was in the course or even in the Minor.

  4. Turns out it was some sort of database error with the program they use to cross-check class enrollment that’s gone unnoticed for over 5 years. Thanks for rolling with the punches. Future Minors thank you.

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