&and just like that, We’re Done

So this semester has gone by way too fast. I’m a rising Junior, yet, it still feels like I just got out of my dad’s car and moved into Northwood III (RIP to that freshman dorm).

I’m really not ready to be done with the Gateway. I’ve loved it so much. It was one of the couple of classes I have taken since I’ve been here that I looked forward to every Tuesday and Thursday and the only one I would willingly get out of bed at 10 am for. I’ve learned so much in my time here about my writing and about myself. Until this semester I had forgotten just how fulfilled I am when I’m writing. It sounds so cheesy but it really has been the best kind of ride.

This may or may not be me right now…because of finals and all…ya know.

447&here’s what I have to show for it:¬†http://opuente.wix.com/eportfolio

It’s definitely not something I would show to potential employers. Unless I decide to drop out of school and become a professional eater. (You’ll have to take a peek to see why)

Even though I’m sad this class is over, this Jonah Hill picture is an accurate depiction of how excited I am for summer to begin.

So that’s it, I’ve been trying for a half hour to find a gif of Seth Rogen that will actually move which has proven to be an impossible task so I’ll just leave you with this gem. (& my personal fave)


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