Love/Hate Relationships

I have a love/hate relationship with blog posts. Love because I enjoy the casualness of it all. I don’t have to use perfect grammar or impressive vocabulary—I can just put some words down on paper and that will normally suffice. Hate because I rarely know what to write about. Do I write about something that interests me, that I want to learn more about? Or do I write about something that other people will care about? Do I write about something deep and meaningful? Or something light and funny, in (failed) attempts to make people laugh? Mine have been a mix I think.

Love/hate relationship aside, It’s so crazy that this will be my last blog post. I waited to write it until today because I wanted it to be the last piece of schoolwork I completed at the University of Michigan. I have turned in all my papers and taken all my finals—the only thing left to do now is graduate.

I’m keeping this post short because if you have the time to read something long, I’d rather you look at my portfolio. Through a few quotes and brief explanations, it aims to convey who I am and what I care about. Here’s the link:

I also had a love/hate relationship with my portfolio. I really did love doing the research for it– learning more about capital punishment, about African American representatives, about Rebecca Solnit. I did not love using illustrator. If I had to do it all over again, I’d pick an interface that’s a little more user friendly. I also did not love how much I cared. I know it’s good to care, but it made me spend time on the littlest things: 45 minutes just to decide if I should center a title or put it to the side, an hour making sure all my spacing looked good. In the end thought, definitely more love than hate; I created a website I’m proud of.

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