my fake twitter now has 3 followers

After I had my project workshopped on Thursday, I rethought about my purpose. Initially,┬ámy purpose was to use my fake author’s Twitter account to introduce my audience to postmodernism. But after the feedback I received in class, and after I thought about it more, I came to the conclusion that my Twitter’s purpose is to be just that, a Twitter.

I don’t think it’s necessary for my fake author to take on the responsibility of explaining postmodernism and all of its complexities. I think it is enough to use Twitter as a way to play with the genre. This way, even if my audience doesn’t full grasp postmodernism, they can still appreciate the tweets for what they are: little clever, confusing statements.

That being said, I also want to develop the Twitter account so that it mirrors an actual account. I’ve started to space out my tweets, reply to people, and add links and photos. The most challenging aspect of my edited project is finding tweets that I can retweet.┬áThere really isn’t a whole lot about postmodernism out there on Twitter. But I have managed to find some tweets referencing the genre.

Moving forward, I’m working on developing my timeline so that it’s dynamic and interesting. I’m tweeting several things a day, and by the end of this week I hope to have everything I want up on the account.

My thought is that when my audience views this Twitter, they’ll be introduced to postmodernism, and they’ll be inclined to click on the links I tweet or to do some Googling on their own.

3 thoughts to “my fake twitter now has 3 followers”

  1. Hi Emily – It sounds like you’ve made a lot of great progress on your post modernism Twitter account since I last heard from you. I’m glad you found the class workshop to be helpful for your project. Your tweets were very enjoyable to read, especially the clever, sarcastic ones. I think that the idea you mentioned above about spacing out your tweets, adding photos and replying to other tweets is a great idea. This will really help make your Twitter account more believable and more realistic. Plus, you might also gain more followers which would enhance your project as well. Good luck on the final stages of your project!

  2. Hi Emily,
    I love how you are opening your twitter to a wider audience even if they are familiar with Post-Modernism. This will allow people to understand your tweets even if they do not know anything about the theory. Also, I like how you are including links. This way your audience will be able to branch out even more and you will get more followers (if you want them haha)! Overall, I am excited to see where your twitter goes. If I had one, I would definitely follow it, however since I do not, I plan to stock it (creepy?) once finished to catch up on the tweets. Best of luck!

  3. Hey!

    The tweets you wrote were really cool. Post-modernist literature overall seems really cool. I actually started reading the Calvino book out of curiosity. I’m only on the first chapter (it may not even be a chapter) but it’s already even more interesting than I expected it to be. In this way, I think that your project was effective. Reading your book review made me want to read the book and everything about all of the separate parts led to me wanting to explore post-modernism further.

    Great job!

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