Pics on Pics on Pics

baby me
Potential image for the “The Beginning” landing page of my portfolio.

Because I want to feel of my EPortfolio to reflect the kind of collage-y feel and “maker” vibe of my final project and evolution in general, I am incorporating a lot of pictures in my design. Still, these can mostly only be found on the home, within my Capstone project itself, and on the landing pages for each section (beginning, middle, and end). I’m still brainstorming whether I should include images in other areas of the portfolio, such as the pages with essays.

Still, since the theme of my portfolio utilizes a fairly busy and cluttered background image to set the “zine” theme, I’m not sure whether incorporating other images on the pages with writing artifacts will make the feel of the page too cluttered. I also want to keep the focus on the writing itself, rather than images that I never initially intended to pair alongside the writing. So, I don’t plan on incorporating images onto the pages with my artifacts. I feel that the overall background image of the crumpled paper and the bright yellow color provide enough stimulation for the audience, and though I want the pages to feel post-modern, I don’t want visitors to feel overwhelmed.

Looking back now, however, I don’t want my portfolio to be devoid of images, save for the sticky notes and paper on the homepage. Maybe I’ll look to incorporate images on the lading pages of “The Beginning,” “The Middle,” and “The End,” possibly images of things that connect together and reflect growth in stages of three. It may be cool to see if I can find images of myself that relate to writing, from when I was very young, a teenager, and now. This way, readers will get to see who I am and possibly feel more connected to me as the writer, seeing me as an actual person rather than a random mysterious voice. One potential image is this one of me as a little kid, which could be on the landing page for “the beginning.”

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