Progress on Project III

My Progress in project III still is not good enough in my opinion. I have started to figure some things about but I still don’t have enough work done. I am doing a video and in order to start the project I had to learn how to learn new software which did take a while. I have figured out a lot of what I want to do but it is just a lot of work to set up even though I know what I am doing now (for the most part). Now though It is just a lot of repetitive work because I can’t seem to set up the presets so I have to repetitively do the same thing like 9 times for every piece that I want to add which is really annoying.

I haven’t even started voice-overs yet and the few that I tried before didn’t go well. I don’t know how things are going really for the project in general. Things could go really fast now as I get more efficient or they could continue to stagnate as I¬†continue to try and work ahead slowly. Who knows. As far as the script for what I want to say I have a draft done but who knows how that will fare once I actually try and speak it.

So I guess what is my progress? Meh with a future prospect of meh and a lot of hard work.

3 thoughts to “Progress on Project III”

  1. Tyler,
    I am glad you have made some progress since we last talked. You had mentioned that you had a lot of work to do in sorting through that new program and I am glad that you mastered it. The rest of your project will definitely fall into place now that you are able to correctly use the program. I am very interested in seeing how your project finishes up as it was in the very rough stages the last time you shared it with us at the group meeting.

    Don’t get to discouraged and let me know if you need another pair of eyes to look at it.


  2. Hi Tyler. I almost want to just say “same” to all of what Louis said. It sounds like you really are working hard at this, and I definitely think the work will pay off. As for the technological struggles and setbacks, I FEEL YOU. I had to take the time to learn some new software stuff too and it certainly is no walk in the park. It sounds like you are inching your way towards success though! And you still have time. Keep on keepin’ on! And like Louis said, if you need an extra set of eyes to take a look at anything, feel free to let me know.

  3. Hey Tyler!
    I think you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. Last time we talked, it sounded like you had a lot of good ideas. But, I agree, the technology part can be difficult. I think once you get going, it will be fine, it just takes a bit to catch on. As far as the voice over, don’t sweat it. Plan out what you want to say and it’ll be fine. I always get self conscious about my voice on recordings, but then everyone else thinks it’s fine. No one will be as critical toward you as you, so don’t worry too much!

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