Reflection on Reflection

As I re-read my evolution essay, I realized that I was not in as bad of shape as I thought. I actually like what I wrote! Reflecting upon what I feel the four real people (who will not be named) would think of my paper I feel confident that all four parties would at least enjoy what I wrote. It incorporates a lot of style, and person anecdotes, but also includes the required references for the evolutionary essay.
I think all of my four audience members will always feel welcome in my work, since I think most people have experienced feeling burned out. That’s an easy feeling to buy into in my opinion, especially for other college students, or professionals.
One of my main concern stems from the fact that this TOO casual and honest, and a little rambling. It’s far from a 5-paragraph essay form and it incorporates a lot of informal language this is honest, but not necessarily professional. Perhaps an expert in my field would feel turned off by the liberality of my writing style.
I am slightly concerned that someone reading it might not see “the point.” It’s a personal narrative of my experience becoming a writer, and me reflecting upon how I feel about my writing today in contrast to my freshman year of college.
In spite of this, I feel like I want to keep the essay the way that it is. Yeah, it is my honest feelings spewed onto a page, but at least the reader gets an accurate depiction of who I am as a person, and as a writer: I push back, I challenge boundaries, and I question things. This essay is more “in your face” in that aspect. In my other writing, I am usually more of a subtle rebel.

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