Screw Garage Band

My Project III is in pretty solid shape — much better than Project II was at this point.

The class workshop last Thursday was really helpful and helped me get rid of some doubts I had about the project. I originally thought it was too long and that my attempt at using music in the podcast totally backfired, but others thought differently, which was cool to hear.

But I absolutely despise Garage Band. I’m pretty terrible with technology, so I’m sure plenty of people wouldn’t be having the same issues as me. Basically I can’t figure out a single way to remove background noise from my recording — which I really need to give the audio some clarity. Also, it seems like the app is limiting how long I can record for, which doesn’t seem to make sense and is getting really frustrating. Finally, cutting the separate audio clips at the precise moment I need to seems to be impossible.

I’m not too worried, I’m sure it’s just going to take some patience, but it’s been frustrating to work out.

Overall though, I was really happy with the feedback I received during workshop. If I can ever overcome the fact that I’m technologically challenged, I think I’ll be in pretty good shape.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I saw the title and I knew I had to read more because I am also using this app for my project, and it can be pretty frustrating. From what I heard in class, the editing you had done at that point was pretty sound, and I think even if you cannot completely reduce the background noise, it would still work well. Have you tried going to the library resource that T mentioned in class? They might be able to help with the issue of the recording limit. As I said in class too, if you consider including a transcript of the phone interview, that might also add clarity. That way, for the few parts that are more difficult to hear, the audience can simply look back and read it. It’s good that you’re not getting too stressed out about this project–wish I could say the same!


  2. I’m learning this too, in sort of a different way, about new difficulties that come with new media. With writing, I can kind of anticipate the bumps and technological issues (if any significant at all). But like you’re experiencing with garage band, there are a whole new set of technological difficulties I’m finding with making a set of drawings, with the revisions and redrafting! But all the work will be so worth it in the end!

  3. Hey Kevin!
    Personally I didn’t feel the background fuzz was terribly distracting, so if you end up not being able to edit it out, don’t worry too much! I think it’s great however that you are worried about such a small detail because it really shows that you care about this project and that it has a lot of meaning to you, beyond being something you’re just trying to get done for a grade.

    One thing I am wondering though is if you’ve thought about how to link it to your e-portfolio. Granted, that’s a few steps ahead, but will you be able to post a sound clip right on the e-portfolio, or will you have to link to a youtube clip of it or something like that?
    Once again, I really enjoyed listening to your project for workshop last week & I definitely want to check it out again when you’ve finalized it! Good luck these last few days with Garage Band though– sounds like a hassle!

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