See Me on the Big Screen

… okay maybe just on your laptop screen. But still! My EPortfolio is up and running, and you can find it here:

While I hope that anyone viewing my Eportfolio enjoys my writing, I more so hope that anyone visiting my eportfolio will come away with an understanding as me as an individual.

This project primarily began as a way to showcase my writing, and even though that is still the principle purpose of this portfolio, I feel like it holds so much more than that now. Throughout the website, you will find a list of some of my favorite quotes, authors/books, poems; essays explaining aspects of my life that even some of my closest friends are not aware of; email exchanges between an instructor and me that truly altered the course of my life due said instructor’s constructive criticism and kind words of encouragement; and so on. You see, after the “Why I Write” project, I realized just how personal writing is to me. As a result, I wanted to present myself not only in an academic, professional manner on my EPortfolio but also in a personal one. Looking at the final product (well, ignoring the fact that I may choose to add more work later on), I can honestly say that this portfolio presents a snapshot of me—certainly as a writer but also as a person. Hope you enjoy!

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