What I have learned, Advice to future students

It is hard to believe that my first semester in the minor is almost over. I have learned many different things about writing and myself throughout the gateway course… (Some suggestions to future minors)

  1. Come in with a goal. My goal was to develop my writing voice and I have spent this whole semester working on this goal. i had to learn to be willing to make mistakes and go over each of my essays numerous times in order to get the best results.
  2. Make several appointments to meet with the professor. This was one of my favorite parts of the course. While the class is great for having the ability to allow others to look at your work, through workshops, there isn’t a great amount of time for you and the professor to spend working specifically your writing process. I know that these added another element to this minor for me and I simply enjoyed the writing and non-writing material that we discussed in these meetings.
  3. Go Out on a Limb Sometimes. While I wouldn’t always suggest on doing something different, I think that these blog posts are a great opportunity to write about different topics and be yourself. This is a great outlet in what can be the monotony of regular classes so I challenge future minors to try to do this.

And finally, congrats on choosing the minor!

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