Who Am I Writing To?


For this blog post Shelley assigned us to complete the “Who are you writing to?” mini-assignment from Revising and Refining. So…who am I writing to?


  1. Emily Schuman: A top expert in my field that I would really like to impress is Emily Schuman, creator of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere.
  2. Sarah Schuman (not related to Emily): Sarah is a trusted friend and peer. As a fellow writing minor I trust her opinions. She also knows me well in and outside the classroom, which makes her a great audience.
  3. Jordyn Levine: Jordyn is one of my best friends from high school. We took almost every class together in high school, and I trust her knowledge and opinions, especially with writing.
  4. Becca Lesser: Becca is my friend and roommate who is a Computer Science major. She is not an expert in writing or fashion.


After reading my evolution essay draft aloud, I noticed that my voice can be heard throughout the entire piece. I think that my essay is relatable and easy to understand. All of the people I wrote about writing to would have no problem digesting my essay. Obviously someone in the Capstone course like Sarah, would have the most invested in reading my evolution essay because she knows exactly what it it and what it is about. Further, Sarah is a close friend and she would be interested in knowing what my evolution as a writer has looked like throughout the past four years. Someone like Emily Schuman may not care about the pieces of writing I did in my LHSP class freshman year, but she still may be interested in the overall point of my essay.

Both Jordyn and Becca are close friends and I think they would be interested in my essay for different reasons. In high school Jordyn and I always edited each other’s papers, and I think she would be interested in seeing how my writing has transformed over the past four years. Becca on the other hand would simply be interested in hearing my story. She may not care about each specific paper I wrote, but she would be intrigued to learn about the changes in my writing and why those changes occurred.

Right now I think I am doing a pretty good job of writing to a wide audience. Although there will definitely be specific people who are more interested in my Evolution Essay than others, I hope that everyone reading my essay will be able to find something to relate to. As I begin to revise I will focus on making sure my voice is prevalent throughout the piece. I also want to make sure to clearly identify when I am including excerpts from past pieces so that my essay looks good both structurally and visually.

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