The adventure…

Feet, shuffling.

Pavement, buildings, people. People. Everywhere.
The transition from city to city should be easy right? Just water moving down the river slowly until reaching the ocean… wrong. 
Moving with uncertainty to uncertainty with no solace between was not “distracting myself,” it was only furthering the crater I had begun to dug.
And although I am happier than ever I am still sad, because the freedom of summer is freedom no more, even though I am free.
I have begun to realize that as life goes on, I have continued to move from pillar to pillar. I have sought challenges and met them, often failing. But I have immediately set new challenges – larger than the others – more impossible than before.
I never allow myself to relish in my accomplishments.
Maybe that’s the reason why compliments are so hard for me to “take.” I nod my head, slowly, quietly thanking whoever is speaking. Yet inside, within, I am coming up with excuses to continually stay humble…
… you were just lucky; others helped you succeed; it really wasn’t a large accomplishment.
And now I”m sitting here, happier than ever but still not satisfied. Craving the accomplishments while celebrating the failures.. Where is solace?

Lexi Wung

Lexi is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Psychology with minors in Writing and Entrepreneurship. She will be joining the Teach For America Baltimore Corps after graduation to teach High School English. She will also be receiving her masters degree concurrently from Johns Hopkins.

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