10 Questions for Repurposing: Minimalism

I will begin this post by admitting that I’ve spent entirely way too much time trying to convey my actual ideas for this assignment. I think the concepts of minimalism and beauty are too broad when considered independently, and I am working to find a coherent way of tying them together in a way that accurately describes the my original conception for this paper. In other words, I’m having trouble turning my thoughts into words. Story of my life. Having said that, any insight or clarifying questions are much appreciated, and may even help to narrow down and clarify my purpose!

  1. What is minimalism?
  2. What is the appeal of minimalism?
  3. In what ways do people find beauty in minimalism?
  4. How do people’s perceptions of “beauty” differ?
  5. What are different interpretations of minimalism?
  6. What are the origins of minimalism? Has its representation changed today in relation to its origins?
  7. Does something have to be considered “beautiful” for it to be considered minimalist?
  8. In what forms does minimalism manifest itself in culture today?
  9. How would one identify minimalism in photographs? Words?
  10. What, if at all, is the psychology behind people’s perceptions of what is beautiful?


I think the most effective help I can give the reader in order to help them engage with the questions is to draw a connection between minimalism and beauty. Both are concepts that can stand alone, but I believe that once the reader considers them in relation to one another, it begs the question of why people find beauty in the things they do, and how this translates in the ways that people choose to live their lives.


In terms of what the reader already has to help them engage with the questions, I think conjuring up personal examples of what the reader finds “beautiful” may prove to be insightful. When given an image, what about it is appealing or evokes emotion? If one considers something to be “beautiful,” do they try to replicate that in their own life or seek it out in different forms? I think these questions can be considered upon prompting the reader to consider what they find beautiful in the context of minimalism.

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