Blog 1: Possibilities

So! I am confident right now that I will find something interesting to think over and develop… but I’ll be honest, the ideas just aren’t flowing like I figured they would. I have a few ideas I’ll hash out a bit here, and I’ll look forward to letting them sit in my mind going forward. I have no doubt my ideas will change.

Content: I care deeply about New York, its inequalities, and the goal of spending my time working to improve my communities. That being said, I get somewhat anxious about New York while in Ann Arbor. I’m learning a ton in college, but I have always felt as though I may not have been directing myself enough while here toward the achievement of these vague goals I have for my work at home. This capstone has presented itself to me now as a unique and wonderful opportunity to create a project that tackles this anxiety head on. I want to learn about New York politics and/or some specific aspect of it, be it policy, history, law, or something else.

Form: English 325, The Art of the Essay, inspired me quite a bit by what it was able to teach me about, well, teaching myself. Honing in my own ‘personal’ essays helped me accomplish deep, honest reflections on aspects of my life that I was unsure about. I think a cool possibility is that I choose a theme around which I can write personal essays, AROUND WHICH I could develop a personal project.

In fact, I am beginning to think that I could achieve some sort of combination of form and content exploration by combining the two possibilities I have outlined so far here! Stay tuned.

Another idea on form: journalistic long form prose has always intrigued me. My dream job as a kid was “traveling journalist”, a writer and thinker who could uncover the world’s greatest and least known stories, and bring them to life on the page. I could possibly explore this form of writing by choosing a little known but interesting current happening in Ann Arbor to investigate.
To Know More About: There are many things I wish I knew more about, even apart from New York and the ‘self’ I wish to find in writing personal essays. For instance, I took a biology class this summer and it really opened my eyes to the world around me. That is not a joke; I actually had not taken biology and currently have never formally learned any of chemistry or most other natural sciences, and this biology class was awesome. I also have always wondered how far I could go if I stuck to a workout regimen and pushed my body to get in the best physical shape possible. I won’t do that for this project, I don’t think, but it would be an interesting experiment!

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