Capstone Project Brainstorming

As usual with daunting tasks my anxiety ridden brain has split into to teams battling it out to see who will be victorious. One side hell bent on convincing me that this is impossible, “there’s no way I can do this” and if I do it definitely won’t be any good. And the other like a person with ADD high on coke; spitting out a thousand ideas but not coming down to focus in on one.

The list of topics/project ideas based on content and things I’m interested in has grown by the hour. My most concrete idea is to do a project investigating how new media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and the rise of the amateur photographer have effected art photography and people who make their living taking photographs. Similar to this idea (because I want to be a TV writer) I would be intrigued to investigate theories about the future of TV. Today we have so many platforms and too many shows to consume in one lifetime. Is there a TV bubble and if there is how and when will it pop? I have a few more vague ideas: 1. How the TV show Supernatural deals with/treats religion/mythology 2. Exploring the process of adaptation through a look at different mediums 3. something to do with the phenomenon of cult TV in conjunction with fan-fiction.

When it comes to ideas based on form I have more of a list of things I know I don’t want to do than what I do. I want to avoid a solely research based project if at all possible. I’d like to do something a little more freeform and conversational that strictly academic writing allows. I really like creative writing and besides screenplays I haven’t really done any of that since sophomore year so I’d be interested in visiting other forms of creative writing. With those in mind I think I would like to do some sort of informed weekly column (I watch Sex and the City over the summer so I have an urge to be very Carrie Bradshaw but without the sex and without the city.) Or I’ve always wanted to try to do a video blog.

I know this all seems very all over the place (my brainstorming process usually is). My hope is to maybe do some sort of combination of these ideas and forms for the final project.

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