Digital News Sources

As someone who hasn’t touched a physical newspaper in…a long time…I pretty much live and die by digital news sources. That, combined with how much time I spend scrolling through social media and seeing the links that everyone shares, I feel as though I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp on what I enjoy and what I cannot stand.
Something that I feel is a bit beneath me would have to be Buzzfeed. Love it for the quizzes about what Disney princess I am and articles about Harry Styles’ haircuts, can’t really take it for its journalism. While there is a BuzzfeedNews section, dedicated to more pressing matters than what my sign says about my taste in men, I find the way in which Buzzfeed covers news to be in the same clickbait style as the rest of the website. All of the articles seem to contain pretty broad summaries of the topic, and whatever the most gif worthy moments are. I feel as though I never really get the full story- more of a very general overview.

At the other end of the spectrum would have to be The Wall Street Journal. The issue I have isn’t so much that it’s mostly business related journalism, as this is something that I am interested in, but more so the way in which it is written. I feel like the business articles as well as the other topics aren’t written in a way that is accessible to the general public. Reading from the WSJ often makes me feel as though I am lacking some prior knowledge, or at least vocabulary, that is needed to fully comprehend the articles.

Having said all of that, I absolutely love NPR (don’t tell my parents, because I complained about having to listen to it A LOT when I was younger). All Things Considered and Fresh Air are, in my opinion, the two best programs that they do. Both shows feature a combination of current events/breaking news, as well as unusual stories that you would think would only appeal to niche audiences, but are so intriguing. The way they present the news almost feels like storytelling, and it is at a level that isn’t dumbed down, but is still enjoyable. Listening to NPR is my favorite way to get my news, as well as pass an hour at the gym on the elliptical. Also Serial. Like every other person in the world, I am obsessed with Serial. The weeks between Serial episodes are the longest of my life.

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