Digital News Sources

Though I recognize the importance of keeping up to date with current events, I regret to say I tend to be woefully under informed.  I rely quite heavily on my friends to keep me posted on essential news stories.  However, upon recognizing this information gap, I subscribed to The Skimm to receive daily news blurbs highlighting key stories.  The Skimm, though useful, is written below my level.  Boiling down a day of world news to just a few sentences, The Skimm hugely oversimplifies its content.  It also takes on a very causal, conversational tone with simple language and humor.  This to-the-point style makes sense for The Skimm’s purpose, as it is written to be ‘skimmed’ by readers.  Though it’s not the most intellectual source, it provides a quick and easy way to keep up to date on current events.

On the (rare) occasion that I do seek out more substantial news stories, I find sources like PBS News Hour are at an appropriate level.  These articles are lengthier than The Skimm’s snippets of information and contain much more detailed information.  The language, though not oversimplified, is comprehensible and takes on a more professional tone.  I find PBS articles to be informative and are understandable without being dumbed down.


Despite my parents’ longterm subscription to the New Yorker and frequent sharing of online articles with my sisters and me, I often find the writing to be dense and a bit over my head.  Though I can get through an article, it takes a great deal more effort, focus, and thesaurus use than I like.  I find the typical New Yorker article uses a level of vocabulary I am not typically exposed to.  It also has a greater level of complexity, in content and syntax,  compared to other sources.

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