How do you describe yourself as a writer?


Samantha Aaronson

As a writer, I generally find myself to be rather passionate yet a bit sarcastic or snarky at points. My performance is exactly as it would be if read aloud. I hear my voice when I write as if I’m narrating my piece as a movie. When it’s my choice, I use “slang” or sentences such as “ i feel that,” because that is how my generation interacts socially. There are go to phrases that cover the bases for so many occasions that don’t necessarily follow the rules of the English language, yet they are universally understood by society. Writing for a publishing company geared towards this specific population gives me a lot of leeway in terms of language use. Therefore, I do tend to write exactly how I would speak. However, with academic writing, I tend to withhold my voice a tad because I would like to sound professional and I believe there is a time and place for sarcasm and heavy opinions. As far as topics go, I tend to write about eating disorder, relationships, friends, and significant others. I am extremely passionate about spreading eating disorder awareness and helping those who struggle. I openly tell my story of my own battle with anorexia in hopes of showing people what this disorder really entails and reminding those who are struggling that they are never alone in this fight. When writing a piece about an eating disorder I have a passionate and bold personality, yet a light and somewhat aggressive attitude. Im light in the sense of I can poke fun at myself but aggressive with calling out how other people negatively contribute to the mental stability of eating disorder patients. Finally, to address “formal,” I really am not quite sure what compositional choices I usually make. I write to release my thoughts and because of this, I often don’t have much of a layout to them. My thoughts are often jumbled so when I write them down its in paragraphs like chunks of thought.

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