How Writing Leads to Thinking

One point I enjoyed from this article was when she talked about how writers aren’t born, people become writers, it is a life long endeavor. I liked this because when I remember back to middle school and the beginning of high school, I hated writing. It was painful, getting my ideas on paper was impossible, yet here I am minoring in writing at the University of Michigan. Now I can say, however, that I enjoy writing. As I have matured and benefited from some great teachers and classes along the way, writing has become a sort of escape that helps me think. One skill she talked about a fair amount, and one I think the Minor of Writing can help me with is editing. While this is something I think I have improved sine I have been at Michigan, I think I still have a long way to go. I think the minor could teach me skills that can help me consistently turn my shitty first drafts into a polished, final product. Another point I enjoyed from the essay that I think the minor will help me improve is the lesson she learned from Donald Hall about a never ending effort to be authentic. I always want my voice to come through my writing. I want my reader to be able to connect with and I think that will be easier the more truthful I am. Like Pinker said, a good writing uses the same style throughout their writing, and I want to make sure my style is consistently truthful. I think as long as I use the minor in writing to hone these skills, being honest, editing and lastly pre-writing, something I did not talk about but something I need to improve; It will be an invaluable experience and I will be a much stronger writer because of it. One long-term goal I have for the minor more broadly is to use my Eportfolio after this class and after this program. I think its very valuable to have a good online presence and I think what ends up on my website, and what I add to it going forward will be a collection of pieces I am proud to put my name on and want people to see.

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  1. Your response here has a lot of truth in it. I agree wholeheartedly that the ability to write is not something to be born with, but something that can only come about through constant practice and inspiration from other great writers. You are lucky to have had such great teachers that could open your eyes to the joys of writing.

    Having an honest and authentic voice seems to be very much stressed in this course, just based on the few pieces that we have read thusfar, so it’s great that you mentioned that here. I think that’s a great goal to have for the semester, and if we stay in these blog groups throughout the semester, I look forward to getting to read some of your authentic work.

  2. I enjoyed your post a lot, Grant, because I struggled with some of the same things. I love hearing about people who hated writing when they were younger, but have now found a passion for it. I wish we could put all of the great teachers in the world in one room and just listen.

    I agree that having an honest voice seems to be a trend among the writing minors. Though it is something I have been working towards for years, I fear that I will never perfect it. I am excited and hopeful that our peer review group will all work towards perfecting this skill. I love that your long-term goal is to continue to use your EPortfolio. I look forward to seeing your progress this semester!

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