My Voice

Even when broken down into 4 sub-categories, it is still difficult for me to pinpoint my voice as a writer. As we discussed in class on Tuesday, I fall into the category of those who are able to recognize what is not consistent with their writing style, however they have a hard time identifying just what that style is. So, in this blog post I will try my best to do just that and determine what distinguishes me as a writer, as it pertains to my voice.

When analyzing my performance, my writing sounds nothing, yet everything, like myself. All the thoughts and emotions are there, and if I were to say them aloud it would be the same content within my writing. However, when I take a pen to those thoughts I tend to embellish and ornament them with what I think is fancy words and immaculate organization. I sound much more refined, articulate, well spoken, and profound in my writing than I do in spoken word.

Thematically, I definitely notice a pattern across most of my writing pieces. I am frequently drawn to write about music and the craze that surrounds those who make the music I take interest in. While I cannot create or produce music in any way, I am very fervent about the industry as well as music and music makers’ influence on society and culture. My particular interests lie mostly in the hip-hop/rap and R&B realm, as well as the superstars and underdogs within those genres.

Personality wise, I find my writing to be quite candid and passionate. In my writing, there is no beating around the bush or ambiguity. Also, if I am taking the time to write about something, I probably have very strong feelings towards it and want to communicate those feelings powerfully and effectively. My passion in writing often catalyzes a certain intimacy as I rarely hold back my feelings, thoughts, opinions, and experiences, divulging everything I know and feel about the topic. As well, I would find my writing critical in large part. I try to not take things at face value, challenging what is presented to me and even what I think about the subject.

As for my formal markers, I tend to use the same diction and transitional words in the vast majority of works. Although my writing has definitely evolved throughout the duration of my time in college, when I looked back at pieces, even dating back to freshman year, I found lots of parallels to my writing now in that I am still using the same vocabulary bank. As well, I tend to begin each piece of writing with a strong way to hook my audience and end my pieces with powerful concluding statements. When completing an assignment or a piece, I typically spend the most time deliberating how to open and close it. I want my readers to be engaged at the offset and finish with something that sticks.

Amalgamating all of this information and trying to identify its origin is debatably more difficult than fleshing it out in the first place. How I acquired this voice that I just described? To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. If I were to guess, I think that my writing style initially developed out of my desire to sound knowledgeable and insightful. Up until quite recently, and even still a little today, I was a very self-conscious writer. I used to be extremely anxious to share my work because I feared judgment and I feared sounding unintelligent. Therefore, I guess I implemented the voice I have now in an effort to impress those who read my work. While I recognize that this reasoning may sound shallow and make my work seem artificial, as it could come across that I only write this way so people think of me as an intellect, above all else my voice as a writer is an accurate reflection of me as a person, or rather who I wish to be.

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