News Sources

In my experience reading the news, one of my favorite sources thus far has been the BBC. I’ve found their digital platform to bring a refreshing objectivity to domestic, international, and cultural news that I feel most mainstream, American-based sources has failed to provide in recent years. In an increasingly polarized country, I’ve found this source’s perspective to be one from which I can glean information across the news spectrum, and form my own subsequent opinion. It is a source that becomes more comprehensible the more you read it, and, unlike the emerging norm in our country’s media, its mission doesn’t seem to be to reinforce its readers’ opinion and insist what its audience should be angered by.

A source which I feel is below my preferred level of information is Buzzfeed, among the numerous substandard news sources which capitalize on the channels of mainstream social media platforms. The predominant subject matter along with the way in which most articles are structured are aspects I find unappealing in a news source, though Buzzfeed is probably far from the worst of such outlets. The way I perceive this source and others like it is well outlined in the heading of their website homepage, showing six yellow circles, each saying “LOL, win, omg, cute, fail, wtf.” Consequently, I struggle to believe a source like this is doing much to inform our generation.

The news sources which I feel are tailored for individuals more knowledgeable than myself are primarily those whose content covers industries or topics unfamiliar to me. Thus, I suppose you could say certain pop culture sites are “above my level” considering I’m not very knowledgeable on who’s breaking up with who, but I’m thinking more along the lines of sources whose chief concern is complex industries such as finance and emerging technology. This past summer, a lot of my work was dedicated to research in such fields, but even as I became familiar with certain trends and jargon, I still had little idea what many things actually looked like or meant when flipping through sources like TechCrunch and the WSJ.

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