Online News Sources

An online news source that I would consider to be below me is Buzzfeed News. I am mainly basing this categorization off of the other types of content that is provided on the Buzzfeed website. With an entire tab dedicated to pictures of delicious food and another to arbitrary, yet mindlessly entertaining “quizzes”, Buzzfeed is the ultimate site for procrastination. However, I would never choose to spend my time on the website reading its news. Even if a news story is entirely legitimate, I find it hard to trust when it sits on the homepage next to a quiz titled “Can You Spot the Most Disappointed Grandmother?” Additionally, the font that is used for the headlines and subheads of its news story looks almost like bubble letters, giving the entire website a more juvenile look. Buzzfeed seems more concerned about getting more views than producing authentic and reliable content.

On the other hand, an online news source that I would consider above me is The Financial Times. The Financial Times addresses a niche category of financial and market-based news that I feel like I do not have the knowledge to fully appreciate. I would rather get my news on these subjects category from more general news sources first, and then move on to the Financial Times if I want a more in depth analysis of something I have read about.

Lastly, a news source that I would consider pitched to me is the Washington Post. The post offers an extensive array of world and national news as well as opinion pieces. Their content is credible and professionally written, yet easily understandable. For instance, the business section writers do not use niche business lingo to describe trends, even though they probably have the knowledge to do so if they wanted to. The Washington Post is catered to a more general public than say just business enthusiasts or technology savants, resulting in news that is easily accessible to anyone who wishes to be more informed. All of their stories are complemented with relevant photographs or videos, and I am not constantly baited to follow their newsfeed on different social media sources – something that Buzzfeed does by placing the links to these sources directly below the subheading of each story.


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