Questions for Repurposing

  1. Is social equality a right or a privilege?
  2. Gender and race are hot social issues these days–how does class fit (and not fit) in this conversation?
  3. How are certain female identities privileged over others?
  4. How does media representation of different female identities actually effect viewers’ ideas of femininity?
  5. Can a work of media be totally free of biases and stigmas?
  6. Can anything?
  7. Movies, shows, any storytelling use (and require) stereotypes as shortcuts to get to the meat of the story. Is this bad?
  8. And if it is, how so? How can we combat it?
  9. How do media portray and perpetuate misconceptions, stereotypes, and social hierarchies of/amongst women?
  10. How does gender identity and sexuality fit into the conversation of femininity and feminism?

There are so many questions I could ask and so many topics I want to touch on, but a lot of these are already being asked by various academic classes on campus. These days, I’ve been thinking critically about why I’m a feminist and the nature of the whole movement, so questions 1, 2, 5, 6, 7-8 are the most interesting to me.

The reader would probably have to be a feminist themselves, or at least knowledgeable of the basic ideas of feminism. The questions I chose above ask the reader (and of course myself, the writer) to go beyond analyzing media portrayals of women and those effects, and consider the fact that we analyze these things. Perhaps I should introduce the paper with an example of a media-portrayal analysis to give the reader that background and foundation, and then go into my actual questions. I want to trust my reader to follow along because it’s 99% likely that they are bombarded with media throughout their everyday lives, so as long as I can write in a clear way, I would hope they can follow; however, I do realize this is a tricky business since I’m sort of relying on the reader to agree with the fact that media produce and perpetuate harmful effects…

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