Repurposing Questions

  1. What are the criteria for someone to become a refugee?
  2. How does it get decided where they go?
  3. How long does it take to be relocated?
  4. What process do they undergo?
  5. How does the government decide who we let into our country?
  6. What is the biggest struggle they face when leaving their country?
  7. What is the main culture shock when coming to America?
  8. Are all Syrian refugees Muslim?
  9. How do they find jobs?
  10. Do they know any English?

On the basis of these questions the reader needs a basic understanding of the logistics on how refugee programs work. However, as a writer I need to make the reader invested in the answers of these questions. I will use personality narratives and interviews to allow for readers to get to know refugees on a more personal level than just statistics and rules. I want to try and create a connection and make readers invested while also providing my take on the situation and my own experience working with them.

The reader has access to a plethora of news sources with a combination of all different opinions both mild and extreme regarding stigmas on refugees as well as official decisions they believe should be made. On top of that it’s very possible readers have their own opinion formed based on the relevancy of the topic.

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