Repurposing questions

  1. What did I learn from living with the Iban in Sui Utik?
  2. What are the main causes of deforestation in Indonesia?
  3. What are the effects of deforestation on the communities of people whose land was bought? Are there even documented studies of this?
  4. How do the Iban view their relationship with nature?
  5. In what ways does spirituality and religion play into that relationship?
  6. How do the Iban use eco tourism to help preserve the land around their community? Has it been successful?
  7. How can eco tourism be used as a strategy for conservation of ecosystems?
  8. What is the link between the conservation of the Iban cultures and the conservation of their environment?
  9. What are the greater environmental effects of deforestation?
  10. How many people need to care for the Iban efforts to be successful? Are the people in that community enough?

In order to help the reader engage with these questions, I first need to explain who the Iban people are and where Sui Utik is in terms of geography. I also need to describe my personal experiences of living in Sui Utik, and explain the role that I played in their eco tourism efforts. Along the same lines, I need to explain the current state of deforestation in Indonesia and what the Iban’s current efforts are to prevent the deforestation of their land. Lastly, it is important to explain the connection between culture, every day life, and the environment that I witnessed in Sui Utik.

It is guaranteed that the reader has already been exposed to the topic of deforestation in some for or another. The reader is likely to possess their own values when it comes to environmentalism and sustainability, as well as a at least a framework ideology shaped by what they believe to be the best way to preserve Earth’s resources are while still providing for the growing human population. In addition, the reader will possess any prior knowledge and assumptions that they have about indigenous people, whether that be from their own experiences, what they’ve learned in school, or from various media sources.

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