While looking at the topics listed that are supposed to help me decipher what my voice is I realize that my argumentative nature seems to be present in all of them. For performance, or how I use written language as if it were spoken language, it’s apparent that I take sort of a defensive, explanatory stance on most things I form an opinion on. I also find that on many occasions while editing a paper I use the word “however” way too often. I think this is because I try to allow room for counterarguments a lot throughout my papers because I also tend to like to disprove arguments or opinions different from my own. As for theme and topic it’s no surprise that I gravitate toward controversial issues. Even in classes where I didn’t love the topic, I love to take a stance and defend what I deem right. Since I decided on my major of International Studies and most of my classes have to do with international relations I often find myself choosing arguments regarding the comparisons of how one culture does something versus another. I have always found it interesting to look at different ways of thinking about the same topic. If the previous two answers didn’t provide enough insight on my personality I will say that when describing myself I would use the following adjectives: stubborn, strong willed, and invested. When I find something I care to write about I get overwhelmed by the amount there is to learn about the topic, and often times offended when someone tells me I shouldn’t be or I’m wrong; a trait I know I have to work on, but have a hard time doing so. Finally, the formal markers, the compositional choices that I consistently make. I guess in most of my rough writing I will find super long, drawn out sentences with lots of punctuation, adjectives, and examples. I think this has to do with having so much to say and not being able to think fast enough to get it all out coherently. Even after going back and editing I still have a lot of long sentences because of this.

There are several reasons why I acquired this need to be heard and stubbornness. For one, my dad is a lawyer. As you would expect he is extremely stubborn and loves to argue, and it’s not that I picked up these traits watching him, I think he genetically predisposed me to being stubborn and argumentative. If that weren’t enough to spark the fire inside me, my mom is a writer. Herein lies why my arguments exist both both on paper and orally. Even further, is that I am the second of four children; I had to be loud to be heard. What did we have for dinner? We had whatever the loudest kid wanted. Sitting shot gun? You better scream for it. A combination of these three things, and maybe some others a long the way, built my voice and taste for some good old fashioned conflict.

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