When I read my writing aloud, it tends to sound like a more refined version of how I would typically speak.  In writing, my word choice and syntax are more deliberate complex.  I tend to write with a more formal tone than I speak in, however that can likely be attributed to the nature of the writing I have done in the past.  I have almost exclusively written academically and often take an almost formulaic approach to these assignments.  In English 125 and 225, I was able to move away from that type of writing and noticed a slight shift in my voice.  I find that in more loosely structured and personal assignments, my writing sounds more like how I speak and they are much more enjoyable to work on.

I gravitate towards content I can relate to directly through my personal experiences or my passions.  I really enjoy writing about my hobbies, such as dance, art, fitness, and design.   I find these topics easier to capture in writing and, since I care about them, more fun to explore.  Writing from personal experience is always fun for me because I enjoy descriptive writing and like taking on the challenge of vividly and accurately depicting my experiences.

In terms of personality, I’d say my writing captures some aspects of my personality while leaving out others.  When the assignment allows for it, my sense of humor definitely comes out in my writing while the sarcastic side of my personality is left out.  I think that as I explore more genres and move away from strictly academic writing I will see more of my personality expressed through my work.

Partly due to the academic nature of my writing endeavors, I tend to write very directly and clearly.  I structure my writing in a very logical order and work through ideas and events chronologically.  I often start my work with an opening scene in which I can provide vivid imagery or a gripping first sentence, both intended to hook the readers attention.  I use similar transitions between paragraphs by linking the closing thoughts of the prior paragraph to the opening thoughts of the next in a pretty standard way.

I think I developed my voice partly from my mom and partly from my own experiences.  My mom was an English major and loves writing.  Since I was young she’s helped me develop my writing skills and I think a lot of the formal aspects of my style have come from my mom’s influence.  My personality and content preferences, however, have developed largely from the influence of my friends.  I think my type of humor has been shaped by being with and talking to my friends.  My hobbies, though some are more personal, often lead to shared experiences with friends.  I think these experiences contribute greatly to how I view the world and the way I interpret it into my writing.


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