Wait what? Questions for Repurposing

I’ve never heard of this disease, what is it? Do they actually see a real ghost? How did this come about? What was the inspiration for this? Is there a way to know when death is coming? How did the author/characters know what was happening? What happened after the fact? Why did this happen? If they knew what was going to happen, why didn’t they stop it? What is the unknown?

These questions are all great to ask while and after reading my piece-to-be – kind of. I think the most interesting thing about my story is going to be the fact that there aren’t really answers to any of these. I can set up my reader by helping them understand everything I can about the situation: how it came about, what happened in the process, and where my thoughts were after the incident, but everything else is left up to life itself. A lot of these questions are life’s mystery, which adds to the complexity of the piece, but also adds to the entire point of it – that life is full of unknowns. All the reader needs to be able to engage is curiosity of why life does what it does, while also having the seemingly normal human attraction to stories about death.

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