ADHOC Annotation

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is intended to do just what the title implies: update its viewers on the current events of the past week. Currently in the throws of election season it’s 27th episode left me wanting a little more. The first ten minutes were set aside for what almost every episode of the past two months has been, Donald Trump and the cloud of crazy that follows him everywhere. At this point I’m under the assumption that Last Week Tonight has already lost all of its radical and not so radical republican viewership. So this portion of the show has kind of devolved into a “you’re preaching to the choir” bit that is just making everyone close their eyes and pray for election day to come and go.

4 thoughts to “ADHOC Annotation”

  1. I love John Oliver.
    More depth: details about the episode you are assessing. What is John really trying to do? You said it was about Trump, but what specifically this time? I watched the one a few weeks ago where he compared each candidate’s scandals. No matter the topic, he always has a theme. If you’re assuming his republican viewership is mostly gone, that means his goal isn’t to change people’s minds on their vote.
    Good job being pretty stream of consciousness I thought.

  2. I want to know what differentiates this specific source from the abundance of late night shows that all use the Racist Cheeto as humorous fodder- what makes John Oliver different in his approach, is he different or original at all in his approach? I also want to know more about who this would work for; if you’re saying he doesn’t cater to Republicans, but you’re also saying the mainstream Dem/Liberal gets bored with his material, is there anyone who his content is effective for?

  3. Yeah I’m with everyone else, love this show. I do agree that more consideration should be given to its purpose – saying that it’s “all in the name” underplays the satirical and comedic (and decidedly partisan) element to the show. “Putting a satirically biting, liberally progressive spin on the current events of the past week while throwing shade at any Republican persons involved in said events” might be more accurate. But you do a good job of transparently remedying this in the second half, when you admit that the show may have devolved into preaching to the choir.

  4. I will respectfully disagree with you! I think the show has included some cool bits and a lot of variety — although of course every show based in current events has revolved around Trump (and Hillary, depending on the political lean) recently and we all can’t wait for it to end. But it’s good anyways that your review was provocative for me. I agree with Chad that you could do more by way of explaining to the reader what you think the purpose is — something like a counterargument or possible explanation for your assertion that he has only been showing clips on Trump lately. And of course, how you would use this!

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