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In-class work days are a blessing. (Thank you, Shelley.) I felt my momentum build this morning as I finally dug into my “First Draft” Google Doc on Suggesting Mode. I find great satisfaction in seeing old type crossed out and replaced with new green words—like fresh grass. 


 Ahhh, I can almost smell it. ^..^

I’ve felt a little bogged down by all of our assignments in preparation for the re-purposing project. There’s been a lot of analyzing, reading, and researching, but very little actual writing. Getting into the actual material felt like a breath of fresh air. The feelings of inspiration I felt in class this morning were also partly due to the fact that I was listening to this soul-warming song: Plus, I felt super prepared from the preparatory assignments.

There’s a freshness and innocence to beginnings. They’re scary, no doubt—the continuously blinking cursor of a new document has haunted every writer. But there is endless potential to that blank page. It’s like meeting someone who you think is cute, and then thinking about your life together as a married couple later that night before bed. There’s a sweetness to that fantasy, and even though you don’t consider the harsh realities of the situation, that moment of possibility is valuable on its own. I guess, as I write this blog post, I see me and my project in our honeymoon phase. We’ve been seeing each other for awhile, I think about them a lot, we even got married when I chose them as my re-purposing piece. I’ve gotten cold feet, lost interest, gained interest. And here we are now, feeling optimistic about our future.

However, I do have some concerns. I am writing an advice column, yet I’m not entirely confident that I am the best advice-giver. I definitely don’t always know what to think of situations, how to react to adversity, or overcome challenges. I might look back on my finished project in twenty-years and laugh at my own naiveté. This is scary, because I may end up feeling silly by writing this piece. However, I’m kind of excited by that possibility… (I’m a masochist, by the way.) When I looked back at middle-school journal entries, like the one in which I printed and taped a 20-page long AIM conversation with my then crush, bballboi95, I laugh at myself with sweet joy. This project, whether I see it as a failure or a success at the end of the semester, will serve as a relic for my personal time machine. That’s really exciting.

Throughout the rounds of drafts and stages of development, I am going to ask for a lot of feedback. I will ask my peers what they think, not only about my writing, but about the messages within my advice column. I will also ask my sister and friends to give their input. The most helpful contribution from peers and friends will be their honesty. I am asking, with all sincerity, to please please be honest. I think if I’m writing an advice-column, I should be strong enough to take some criticism…


4 thoughts to “Blogging My Process”

  1. Annie, thank you for the lovely background music as I read the rest of your blog post and now write this comment! I definitely have to listen to more of this artist.
    I think your anxieties about this project are completely normal, and it’s good to have some anxiety so that it pushes you to put your best work out there. While I totally get asking your family and peers for help, you should trust your own opinions as the writer of this piece. If you write confidently, it will show through in your writing. Even if it does feel silly, own it. People who write advice columns often let parts of their personality show through. I think if you let your personal voice come through in each piece of advice, your writing will be that much more effective.

  2. Annie, I 100% understand how you are feeling. There is something special about embarking on the journey to a new piece, yet I am having problems starting this one. Maybe it’s my topic? Maybe I haven’t put enough emotional and mental thought into it? Either way, I am having a love-hate relationship with the piece right now, and I hope to be in the honeymoon phase soon enough.
    In regards to your advice column, any advice is advice. We ask for advice because every person has a unique set of experiences in his or her memory recall, which I believe ultimately shape who we are. With that being said, you are your own unique person and any advice you give based on your experiences is just as valuable as the next person. Like I’ve said previously, reading others’ writings is an opportunity to grow more wise, so as a writer, please don’t hesitate to “Advise” how you please, so the world can learn more form your perspective.

  3. I too have felt distracted from the often overwhelming amount of assignments that I feel myself forgetting that I should be drafting… Also on an unrelated note, I have been struggling with the concept of inputing media in my blog posts due to my word content. I often find myself thinking its not “kosher” but the way you inserted music was a great idea and I think one that would suit my posts well too.
    In terms of advice I don’t necessarily believe the point of an advice column is to be absolutely correct. If I were to ever reference one it would be to get a second opinion outside of my own and from an unbiased source. If you think of it in that context, try to write an “alternative” set of advice, so you don’t find yourself trying too hard to be “right.”

  4. Love this post, and these comments, and I wanted to do a rare jump-in to say that I hear you on the ways in which the assignments can feel overwhelming. You’re absolutely right that they’re there to help prepare you, but I’m always open to feedback that helps me find the right balance of preparation w/ “actual writing” (by which I assume you mean actual drafting of your projects). Maybe we could talk about which ones you find most effective and least effective, and why? I’m all ears! 🙂 (Also, you’re almost at the end of these kinds of assignments–the second half of the course is almost entirely workshopping and revising, so there’s a light at the end of that particular tunnel soon.)

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