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In my repurposing project, my goal is to reach small business/start up owners in the retail environment concerning how to make their store most conducive to people’s purchasing. I’m touching most specifically on the kinesthetic, olfactory, and auditory senses, along with some new discoveries like air ion concentration.

I’d like to model my article off of a Forbes how-to, which enumerates simple ways to improve a business without any sort of specific data or citations. Because of this, I would like to include real life examples of chain stores which exceed at different aspects of business to keep in line with the genre and have an alternative of explanation to the scientific studies which I’ve collected.

Right now,¬†I am having trouble thinking of stores which are infamous for having unsatisfactory consumer environments. Some of my examples thus far include Subway, which always seems to smell odd- and Burlington Coat Factory, which I’ve always known to be a little off. If anyone can think of any others, that would be great!

Also, I’m thinking of examples of stores which actively ionize their air, resulting in a fresh feeling. Active ionization comes from biological processes like photosynthesis or water collision, so places with water features, salt lamps, plants, etc. are those which also have a high rate of negative ions, which cleanses the air. So far, I’ve come up with PF Changes and Holiday Inn lobbies.

I’m also struggling to find the best tone in which to address my audience. The tones of my genre tend to make broad generalizations with slightly formal diction, but because my piece relates to getting into the client’s shoes, I thought it may be more appropriate to use the first and second person and also to use specific, relatable examples along with my scientific evidence. Perhaps by writing more casually, it could relay an honesty¬†from myself to my audience that will make them more likely to implement the ideas I give. If anyone has thoughts on whether or not that is a logical idea, I would love to hear.

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  1. Natalie – I cannot believe how much I have learned from reading this blog post! Your scientific knowledge is extremely impressive, and your passion for the topic is very clear. I do not know much about how stores can become the most conducive to purchasing, but from what I can tell, Subway and Burlington are great choices. Another one that came to mind for me is Chipotle, due to their recent E.Coli outbreak, but from what I understand, you’re looking more specifically at general sensory reactions rather than specific unappealing incidents. I have always found the “I got it at Burlington!” commercials to be very corny, and I think that those commercials present them as tacky, so I am excited to see how you go about this.

    I do agree that your biggest challenge will be your tone. It is difficult to find the balance between sounding like a know it all but still establishing your credibility as someone worth listening to. I think it would definitely be wise to keep it in the first or second person, rather than an omniscient third person. Good luck- I look forward to learning more about your writing journey!

  2. I think the kinesthetic, olfactory, etc. senses is a really unique idea! The first example that pops into my mind is that Disneyland pumps different smells into their park to make you hungry and want to buy food. It’s different for your project, as–if I recall correctly–you want people to use cash or credit more or less often (the details are fuzzy). Regardless, it’s really interesting to examine how what you smell can influence how you buy.
    Regarding the tone, I can see your dilemma. You want to build up credibility in your audience and thus want to be a little informal, but you also want to remain within the Forbes genre. I think the best way to go about this is to find something like Forbes but is more informal. There are plenty of blog, magazines, and websites out there, I’m sure something has the feel you’re looking for.

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