Drafting and Revising Your Project

A major question in the writing minor is why do I write, and I genuinely do believe it’s a sincere question that has driven me through the assignments so far. No, I am not saying that for “brownie points.” It is a genuine question I have been asking myself because I have had so much freedom in choosing the pieces for the class and how to transform them into special works. Rather than another english or political science argumentative essay, I am using my writing for another means: exploring my own thought and character. I have genuinely enjoyed the journey so far as I have actually learned equally as much about myself and who I am as I have about writing more effectively.

Within the idea of writing about myself, I still have much to gain. Both peer edits mentioned desire for more of my personal stories. I think moving into the next draft, I will think about my work more from within. Although it is my eyes that have witnessed the events portrayed within my piece, I still neglect to get to my own truly raw, honest  story.

Something I have had to acknowledge to myself is that a lot of the information and memories I am writing about leave me vulnerable. I am openly discussing many individuals who have joined, entered, and exited my life over the past year at Michigan, and I have to be careful to let the content of the story remain factual, but I have to balance it with my emotional reality.

When I write for most classes I listen to classical music (and always the same one, OCD MUCH?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2LM3ZlcDnk

For Writing 220, however, I find myself listening to my normal Spotify playlist. What is even more interesting is that occasionally I catch my thoughts flowing towards the emotion in the song. If an upbeat song comes on then I view the situations in a positive manner, and if a sadder song plays in my headset, the emotion seems to transfer into my writing.

The biggest component moving into the next phase for me is truly asking the question as to why I am writing. This project has morphed many times and currently lacks a easily understood genre because I know I am using the writing to face issues internally, yet I am not at the point where I know what those issues are. No, do not worry. I am not concerned at all for neither my writing nor my mental health. I’ve had a recent breakup and few other events that have knocked me down a few pegs, and I think that despite the heavy topic, this piece is allowing me to make my comeback because it’s allowing my to re-find my values and motivations and articulate them for the world.


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  1. I think you do a great job of being relatable through your vulnerabilities. You have mentioned your trepidation of being too open or vulnerable, yet you did it in this blog post, maybe without realizing it? You should reflect on this blog post and maybe use it to translate some of the vulnerability with personal stories to your repurposing project.
    Also, glad I’m not the only one who listens to hours-long instrumental music while I write. It’s so easy to focus with a monotonous soundtrack playing in the background. I found it interesting that you mentioned that when you write for this class, you listen to your normal playlist, and that the emotions brought out in the songs affect your writing style. This is something you could use to your advantage, if you are trying to convey a certain emotion you can play music that fits that emotion.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how your repurposing project turns out, since it could go so many directions as of right now. I think it’s impressive that you are so introspective about this process, and it seems like it will be beneficial to you as your write!

  2. There was one line in this blog post that stood out to me the most, like a spotlight in a dark theater: “no, do not worry.” If I had to count how many times I myself have considered writing this exact line I would fall asleep to the sound of my own voice. I guess without realizing it when we write about touchy subjects about our pasts, we often find ourselves wondering, oh shit people are going to think I’m not okay? While this happens all too often I still find myself incapable of physically writing those exact words, perhaps for fear of admitting that maybe at some point in time I was actually not ok. You do so here with true bravery. I think by channeling this raw honesty in your piece there is no limit to the power you can have. Keep on keeping on. I can’t wait to see what your piece ends up becoming.

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