Drafting and Revising

Since I’ve been extremely preoccupied focusing on the repurposing draft and now the remediation mock up, I haven’t had much time to even dwell on the larger assignment of the eportfolio as a whole. In an elective course last year, I took Writing 200, in which I had the opportunity to create my very first eportfolio. This very class and assignment led me to discover my interest in the writing minor in the first place. I had never before been told to personify myself on a webpage in any manner that I please; the task was daunting and one that I worked on throughout the entirety of the semester. From this experience, I have learned what I want to keep and what I want to avoid in this edition of an eportfolio. In my initial template I wanted to focus on the words, in order to avoid other forms of media from taking away attention from what I believed to be the main attraction. From reading this section of Writer/Designer I have learned that there are actually in fact many other additions that can only help increase the message of my words rather than hinder as I had initially been led to believe.

By making my eportfolio interactive, with videos or moving images, I will be able to give a more understandable and approachable description of what my eportfolio is about—me. Seeing as my intended audience is people my own age, a generation that relies on internet interactivity, it is essential to master this balance.

In regards to my remediation project— this is where I anticipate the hardest and most extensive revision process. For my remediation project I have chosen to take on a screenplay, something I have never before explored. Typically I tend to stick within my comfort zone when writing, so this will certainly be an interesting experiment. This chapter gave me comfort in understanding that everyone will have a lengthy revision process. It is going to be essential for me to rely on the feedback of my peers in order to best achieve my goal with this project.


2 thoughts to “Drafting and Revising”

  1. It’s cool that you have gotten experience with creating an ePortfolio from a class before, and it’s good that you aren’t just content with creating something similar. I think it’s important to grow through your writing, and it seems like you are striving for this by focusing on topic that is very important to your personal life, but which will also be relatable for so many others.
    I also was worried about incorporating too many visual images into my ePortfolio before learning how they can improve your text. I think this is one of the key steps in utilizing the ePortfolio, and I hope we are more enlightened as we dive into creating our ePortfolios and reading more from Writer/Designer.

  2. Kelly, I think it’s awesome that you took Writing 200. It gives you a unique perspective in our group because you have experience going through a similar process. One of the hardest parts for me is figuring my portfolio’s layout because I lack abstract creativity, and I do not want my blog to be mundane. What type of videos do you plan on adding to your portfolio? Personally created ones or ones already online?
    I think it’s admiring that you’re pushing yourself with the second project to explore a medium you haven’t worked with before. It’s sometimes in exploring the unknown that we learn the most and can apply to our normal works. Our revision process is merely beginning, and I look forward to going over the many drafts of both of our works with you.

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