Drafting & Revising

So far in this process, I’ve only really thought about my project as a bunch of individual pieces as opposed to one cohesive portfolio. I haven’t thought much about my overall website layout and what I want my overall portfolio to convey to the reader. Honestly, just thinking about it gives me a bit of a headache. After reading this chapter, however, I’m feeling a little bit better because I now have a basic checklist of what exactly I’m supposed to be working on.

Feedback, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, can be really overwhelming. Going through it with specific concerns/questions in mind, however, can make it seem like a lot less information that you have to weed through. I love the last page of this chapter where they give you specific questions to consider: for example, ‘What are the most important changes I need to consider as I revise?’ I’m definitely going to create a list of important things to focus on when I’m going back into my original piece, or my final project.

The only time that I’ve ever had to revisit a project this much has been with art as opposed to writing. I’ve never had to completely rework a piece of writing, but doing this has made me think so much more about my overall topic. Even though I’m keeping the same audience for my two pieces that I’ve started so far, they’re both very different in almost every other way, forcing me to rethink what I want my overall point to be regarding my relationship with my sisters. Writing is more similar to art than I often realize–one piece is almost never perfect, but instead always has room to grow.

2 thoughts to “Drafting & Revising”

  1. Haha I get your headache feeling. It has been a bit overwhelming keeping track of all the components that make up each piece and then figuring out how these pieces are going to become components of our ePortfolio. However, I think that if you just take it step by step, working your way up to the final ePortfolio combination of everything, it isn’t that bad. I like your comparison of these projects to art… I agree that this is a project that is constantly in motion and there is always room for growth. It’s interesting that this class is tapping into your skills as an artist in both a critical and creative way! Can’t wait to hear what you’re thinking about your pieces on Monday!

  2. The overall ePortfolio project definitely has a lot of components to it, and is probably unlike anything that we’ve ever done in our previous classes. I think that’s what makes this project seem daunting. When I feel overwhelmed, staying organized with checklists and dividing the work into smaller goals like you mentioned is always helpful. My remediation project is also turning out to be a lot different than my re-purposing in how I structure my argument. I think that as long as you keep your overall message in mind, they will work well in the ePortfolio. It’s helped me to think about why I wanted to write about my topic in the first place. I would encourage you to do the same so that you can stay excited about it and stay directed. I’m looking forward to talking about your project with you in class!

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