Re-Purposing Project: Progress Report

College is full of opportunities and experience. Some provide instant benefits while others act as stress creators. All, however, are learning opportunities. The topic of my re-purposing project is anxiety, stress, and mental health (wellbeing) of students on campus, and I hope to create a piece that explores the unspoken, common phenomena through the perspective of investigative journalism.  Ideally, it would have a “War on Anxiety” coverage appeal to it, but I continuously alter the project’s trajectory with every turn as I learn more about myself and our community.

The question as to why I write wanders through my thoughts occasionally. My current answer is because I want to know more about the world and myself. I chose this writing topic and original piece because it’s providing me an emotional release for a plethora of events that have occurred in my life over the past few months. It’s interesting because in a round-about way, this assignment is the long sought closure I won’t be getting elsewhere.

The writing minor in general is less about word choice and more about intellectual articulation – in whatever form it may take. The writing has forced me to look deeper into myself and my friends. It has made me realize how perfectly unperfected our world is.

The topics covered in this class have helped my writing process a lot too. I find myself having less confidence (yes, less!) in a productive way that allows me to just write freely, yet it leaves me more willing to criticize my writing. Tired? Hungry? Stressed? On my A-game? I am able and willing to write in any condition and let the ideas and words flow, and I love looking at what comes out in the different states.

Fun fact: writing while hangry made my writing voice rather snarky, but when I read it again later it was rather humorous.

My worries (if I can even call them that) is incorporating more images into my writing. I want it to have a battle-line-esque feel, but I’m not sure what images I want to include. The identities of the subjects I will explore in my writing should be protected, so I am challenging myself to take an artsy, yet humanizing approach to visualizing their stories. Perhaps I will take pictures of the locations certain event occurred and go from there.

In the end, I hope to look at the content behind my first and second draft and think:



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  1. It sounds like you have really thought through your topic idea, as well as what you’ve learned in this class so far, which is really great. And it’s huge that you are already seeing improvements in yourself as a writer. I know you talked about doing an article that would be on something like Elite Daily, I think the idea of using pictures of locations for anxiety is smart. It sounds like you want this to be a cathartic piece of writing, and if it turns out to be very personal I think you should reevaluate where you want to publish this piece. However, I still think it can have personal anecdotes and elements to it while maintaining an informational tone, if you choose for it to be more of a news piece.

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