Where I’m At

So far, I have been super back and forth with what I’m going to do. Not so much what piece I am going to work with–that’s been the same from the start–but instead what I’m going to do with it. My original piece was written for an English 325 class about growing up with the “perfect” younger sister. At first, I wanted my first re-purposing assignment to be a short story about me and Julia when we were little; specifically, I wanted it to be about how it was when we found different things to be passionate about that we really became friends. However, after reading a bunch of parenting articles on “how to raise stellar sisters!!” I found that it’s apparently super unhealthy to give your daughters titles. I.e. I am the “artsy one,” Julia is the “athletic one,” Clare is the “one that sings,” and Cecily is, well, “the youngest.” (Oh, yeah, I don’t think that I mentioned that I am the oldest of four girls.

So now I am off on a different route. I am instead going to put my energy into writing a creative nonfiction piece on being the oldest sister and all the twists and turns that go along with that title. I mainly decided to do this after realizing that almost every single article that I came upon that had to do with sister dynamics was meant for the parents. How lame. Why is no one writing articles for the sisters themselves? So often, I feel like it’s way harder for us to tolerate us than for my mom or dad to tolerate us. I mean, they’re not the ones sharing a bathroom with Julia, or being the team captain of a team that Clare is on, or patiently explaining to Cecily why I do not feel comfortable with her barging in on the low-key parties I would throw in the basement from time to time. I would have loved to read an article by a (semi) cool older sister on how to handle your siblings like three years ago. I feel like it maybe would have saved me some sanity.

The next roadblock I’m going to have to get around is where this article/blogpost/whatever would best be published. I want high schoolers/some middle schoolers to have access to it, and, quite frankly, all my friends (I say my friends and not me because I was a total nerd) really read in high school was their Facebook feeds and, every now and then, some Seventeen Magazine. If anyone has any ideas, they’d be much appreciated.

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