My Voice[s]

I wrote my first “draft” of Why I Write in a quasi-bullet point-paragraph-outline format–I basically just let my fingers spit out the words in my head with very little mediation in between. I suppose that could mean that it truly was my voice, since I made very little effort in trying to make my sentences sound any certain way. However, I wonder if perhaps my writing that is mediated with extra effort and purposeful tone and voice is also another real voice of mine. I don’t believe in many absolutes in general, so along those lines I don’t think I believe in having one voice–that sounds awfully boring, really. I sometimes like to play around with different voices in my personal writing. I don’t mean that people have multiple greatly differing voices, because evidenced by a good majority of writing out in the world that doesn’t seem to be the case, but I think there are variations within one’s voice that can come out in different works of writing. In my opinion, even writing that seems voiceless, such as research or scientific writing or lists, can have a variation of one’s voice, because they involve choices related to words, syntax, and other aspects of language. So yes, I do believe that I wrote my Why I Write in my voice, or at least in one of them, but it will probably–hopefully–develop and transform as my essay goes on.

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