Enjoyable Reading

Enjoyable reading for me automatically associates with vacation reading. Motivation to pick up a book during a normal week is pretty low, but vacation makes me a completely different person. I can knock out 3 books on vacation, and I think it’s because the environment (the beach) is not only so pleasurable, but also something I rarely get to enjoy, so reading at the beach almost seems like an event.
While obviously I would love to just be on a beach at all times, that’s not super realistic in the midwest. Having said that, I want to start making reading in my every day life as much as an “event” as vacation reading, and just as stress free. Someone mentioned in class reading in the bath, so I think that’s going to be my strategy. I hardly ever take baths, and if I throw in some Lush bath bombs, hopefully it will be almost as good as the beach.

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