My Voice- Why I Write.

Is my, “Why I Write,” piece written in my voice? Hell Yea, it is! This is as “me,” as it gets. What I discuss in this piece is what drives me each and every day and is what gives me purpose in my daily life. It’s a topic I’m extremely passionate about and because of this, my voice naturally comes have my sarcastic, witty commentary throughout but also my honest and raw experience that I discuss point blank.
I like to think that my voice comes into my writing whenever I have a strong opinion or am passionate about what it is that I’m talking about. Most academic essays don’t give me much room to insert “my voice,” and therefore don’t usually contain a lot of personality.
Although I do find ones voice to be extremely important in writing, i do think that the lack of my own personal tone in academic pieces makes them seem a lot more credible and professional than they would if I included my parenthetic, snarky thoughts.
Most of the time, i feel like writing IS my voice. I don’t fully understand my own thoughts or even who I am, until I catch a glimpse of it in my writing. i wouldn’t say I’m a sarcastic or a funny person, but in my writing I am! I allow myself to release the thoughts that I push aside automatically and usually don’t even realize I have.

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