Re-Visiting “Why I Blog”

It’s funny, after re-reading Sullivan’s “Why I Blog” I sat here and pondered what I wanted to write, not daring to type a single word until a well-thought out discussion had been thought of. And then I remembered that this is a blog and I literally just got done reading about how blogging is all about action, all about the now. And I realized that I needed to start writing in this very moment!

But in all seriousness, I agree with Sullivan that blogging is an excellent medium to allow you to get your spur of the moment thoughts out there. So much of my time writing has been spent sitting there and waiting for inspiration to come to me or being afraid to start writing those first few words with the fear that they will be absolutely terrible. I want to get back to the reason that I really wanted to pursue the minor in writing in the first place: the fact that I think I am hilarious and I narcissistically love to read my own thoughts, especially the ones written late at night when my sarcasm is at an all-time high. As I most likely will be planning on using my work from the minor for more professional reasons, I most likely will not be including any of these late night thoughts in any of the pieces that will make it to my ePortfolio, but I do enjoy the opportunity to write these blog posts and share my thoughts as they come to me.

Clearly, Orwell and Didion and their “Why I Write” pieces come from different times than Sullivan’s “Why I Blog”, so they were not able to give their two cents on this fairly new form of self-expression. However, I think that Didion would really enjoy blogging, just in its very free and readily accessible nature that Sullivan touches on. Didion writes in order to make sense of the world around her and to provide a story to the things that only she can see. With so much quickly changing, I can see Didion being the type of person who rushes to grab a napkin to jot down her thoughts while they are still in her head, like someone who keeps a dream journal next to their bed so they can capture the dream’s essence before it slips away. Blogging could provide Didion a way to quickly respond to her thoughts and keep a log of her experiences, allowing her to keep living without anything bogging her down.

I see Orwell as the opposite, as someone who needs the rules and formal notions of professional writing to keep him grounded. He clearly states that writing for political purposes has been his main drive because he feels that that is what provided the most significance and necessary opinion of the time. I do not think that Orwell would like either the unpolished nature of the blog or the easily available interaction with readers. I can see Orwell wanting all of his thoughts and arguments to be well thought over and to get to have the last word with his audience; anything else would lessen his credibility.

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