Why I Blog – Revisiting

Something has really changed for me since I began my journey as a writing minor. Writing has always been something I love; yet, I have always thought about writing as for someone else, rather than as for myself. The minor now means more to me than I ever thought it would, because it allows me to both write for someone else, and write for myself. I want to have my own place; I do not want to publish my works to the Odyssey Online grouped with my other, more superficial pieces that the editor insists that I share across my personal social media pages. I want a space for my own work. I want to write for me. I want to be able to write anything I feel like writing; I want to write because I want to write; I want to be able to choose to share it, or not share it, with whomever I want to.


I want to write without being asked. Without deadlines. Without topics. Without reservations. Without worrying about things that I should not say. I just want to write whenever I feel something or think something. When I have an assignment, I usually stare at a blank document for minutes, hours, and even days, trying to write about whatever I am being told to write about, and trying to make it sound eloquent enough for submission. As a minor, I have learned a completely different side of myself as a writer; I am capable of writing something that I am really proud of in just a few minutes, and in any moment. My work means something to me; it is not even work. It is an experience I have, or a feeling that I cannot shake.


Writing, to me, has become about experiences. It is about LIVE emotions. Sometimes the world just stops, and the only thing in that moment is me and my thoughts, and I need more than anything to stop and just write. Writing is a way for me to work out my thoughts and magnify them, and ensure that they do not go anywhere.


I write because of why Didion writes—to gain access to my own thoughts and work them out and make meaning out of everything going through my brain at that moment. I stop what I am doing, no matter where I am, and just write it down. In 10 minutes I have two pages of something more amazing than what is ordinarily a shitty a paragraph that takes me six hours to write.


Everything I write is a blog; it is a diary; I want to develop not only as a writing student; I want to develop as a writer.

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