Why I Write: My Voice

I think the draft I submitted of Why I Write is a solid attempt at representing┬ámy voice in this context. In much of my writing I use satire or sarcasm, but this piece of writing was a little more serious and therefore that aspect of my voice was left out. I had a detailed personal anecdote that allowed me to add some narration and show how I would act in certain situations rather than just tell my readers. I think using examples of real life is always more effective than telling someone “I like to write because I like to make a point” or something along the lines of just stating facts. Self reflections and personal analysis are something I am not used to writing and therefore I’m not entirely sure what my voice is. I’m not taking a stance on anything, proving a point, or making any jokes. This prompt is so different from what I am used to writing that I don’t know whether I am representing my voice correctly or even at all. I definitely want to go back and see what about my voice in other pieces of my writing I can take and add to this. I wrote it almost formally and was trying solely to answer the question rather than make it a unique piece of writing.

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