Why I Write: My Voice

When presented with the question of whether or not my Why I Write draft is in my voice, I dreaded this response because I didn’t know what my voice was. But lo and behold, in the archives of my blog posts is one describing just that. So, after re-reading my post dictating my voice as a writer in terms of performance, theme/topic, personality, and formal markers and then re-reading my Why I Write draft, I found my answer. My Why I Write piece embodies my voice to a tee.

My voice is distinguishable by its articulate nature, its honesty, passion and intimacy, and its focus on the arts and entertainment. In my Why I Write piece I emphasize the motives behind my desire to write revolving around my fervent love of the arts and the experiences and challenges I have encountered that guided me to become the writer I am today. Everything about my piece fits perfectly into what demarcates my voice as a writer. When re-reading my voice blog post I reacted with surprise because, besides forgetting that I had written it ergo what I wrote about, I was shocked at not only how accurate it was but how much it informed the contents of my Why I Write piece.

I would say that every paper I have written has been distinct in utilizing this voice, casting a uniform and cohesive blanket over all my writing works. I weave my voice into my academic and informal compositions, writing with a means that justifies its end. In order for me to produce a good piece, it involves emptying the contents of my mind onto a document regardless of how terrible it is or painful to read over. Consequently, my voice is captured in these raw ideas that soon become eloquent phrases and insightful arguments. My Why I Write draft is the perfect exemplification of this.

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