ePortfolio Introduction

I feel like I’ve grown in more ways than just as a writer this semester. But in terms of the writing itself, I have learned to view writing as a creative endeavor rather than as an academic task. This class is structured to take you through a complete and intensive creative process, and once I threw myself into that process, my work went from an assignment to an artwork. Learning to embrace the process was the biggest way that I grew as a writer this semester. More than that, I even came to enjoy the process by the end. I hope my passion for the projects are apparent in the ePortfolio, which you can view by clicking on the homepage at the bottom on this post.

During this class, I have expanded my communicative arsenal. In addition to improving my ability to express myself through writing, I also began to learn how to express myself through pictures, speech, and design. Between now and the capstone course, I want to continue to build on these multimodal skills. I will certainly continue to write, but I will try to challenge myself by taking pictures, speaking, and designing. Furthermore, when I see images and designs, I will think about the choices behind them and why they’re significant. I look forward to coming into the Capstone course for another challenging, engaging, and creative experience!



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