Letter to Future Gateway Students

For me, what I took from this course is that the ability to share with each other what they feel and believe, and why, is one of our greatest strengths as students at the University of Michigan. I learned this from my growing relationship with my blog group. Meeting two strangers from different colleges, hometowns, friend groups, and even campuses (North Campus is better than the best ever!!!) can be really intimidating. Having to critique these people, and receive critiques, is even more daunting.

But the thoughts of “what will they think of me writing this” or “will I sound mean with this criticism of their work” or even “do I sound sarcastic here by saying I really like this part of their piece” melt away when you read their thoughts on the some trivial and many personal matters and find that you can relate. Suddenly, you will know a responsibility within your group to review honestly, thinking of ideas for their pieces as you would your own, because the people who you once saw as strangers become human to you. You even care that others see the ingenuity in them that you do; if their ideas changed your way of thinking, why not make sure that the next reader is even better off from discovering their piece? Because of my blog group, I will never look at Roman History or the word “Lemon” the same again, and I hope none of their other readers do either.

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